Popular business journals of Georgia

What is a business journal?

Generally speaking, a business journal is a detailed account that handles all the opportunities for start-ups and financial transactions of a business, later used for the future reconciling of various reports and transferring some information right to other official accounting records the general ledger. There are multiple types of business journals worldwide. Most of these journals include more or less similar information and categories, like business news, economy, currency, real estate, auto leasing, trade, jobs, opportunities, education, services, companies, trends, political information, culture, and tourism, etc.

Examples of business journals of Georgia

As mentioned above, various business journals based in Georgia appear quite popular and helpful among people. These business journals often help people start jobs, create and develop start-up businesses, find out more about local business and trends, become aware of the offered services, etc. One example of such a helpful and the recommended business journal is "Sityva da saqme," which operates as an online web page and is printed as a paper-based journal, often called a magazine. It is one of the most frequently visited and used business journals by Georgian people and Georgians. The site allows non-Georgian speaking nationalities to use the journal for personal means, accessible in three languages, such as Georgian, English, and Russian.

"Sityva da saqme" includes categories such as real estate, auto, trade, jobs, education, and services. Each type consists of subcategories and different sections, for instance. That business journal allows all its users to view, comment, and post/upload advertisements that may appear helpful for the community. Many people started jobs via that business journal; others bought houses, cars, electronics, and other household techniques. Once registered as a member of the business journal, each user is allowed to upload their items, real estate, strategies, car, or post job vacancies for his/her company, etc. and enable others to use the chance that the site offers.

Another helpful business journal of Georgia is Mymarket.ge, which is an online website offering deals and trade for its users. This Georgian business website enables its users to seek the desired product or service found on the website using a category or any search term. Clicking on the "Search" button will open the building ads. On the left side of the search results page, there is an additional menu, through which the user can directly filter ads by more detail by price, item status, ad type, or sale. To buy products from My market, the users need to go through registration/authorization.

"Mymarket.ge" provides information about the following categories that cover the fields such as Home Technics, Computers, and Accessories, Audio, video and photo equipment, Computer Parts, Mobiles, Communications, and Furniture. Besides, people can find:

– Interior/Exterior items

– Vessel

– Sport

– Tourism and Recreation.

– Headphones, Tableware, TVs, computers, laptops, gadgets, etc.

– Household techniques, like refrigerators, irons, blenders, mouse, kettles, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.

– Jewellery, Watches, etc.

Users of that business web page can buy the items online within a few seconds. As it seems, the site is well designed and easy-to-use. What's most important, this type of business journal gives an excellent opportunity to people who want to sell new or secondhand items. It enables sixers to start their own small selling business and become one of the community's best selling companies or individuals.

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