AliGeorgia, and China2me

What is the business journal of Georgia?

The business journal of Georgia generally is a magazine that publishes the most current and up-to-date information regarding the country's business activities and financial issues. In most of the business journals of Georgia, you will find helpful and at the same time exciting and precise articles about the newly established Georgian business industries, available start-ups, projects, economy issues, organization projects, business associations and boards, offers, statistics, achievements, failures (if any), and so on.

Georgia's business journals are usually published via papers, in printed version, like news and magazines. Also, these journals are now available on the internet, right on their official websites. In addition to the paper-based and internet-based business journals, readers can find the news and articles on social networking sites, where individual business journal companies operate and manage Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Besides the typical business journals, there excite various business sectors, such as online shopping companies that provide services and products to its customers. To find out more about this business field, you can check below listed sections about aligeorgia and china2me.

What is AliGeorgia

AliGeorgia is a business company, which provides timely and reliable transportation of the customers' cargo at the lowest price in Georgia. The AliGeorgia company tries to create maximum comfort for each of its customers by offering various services, such as packing service, finding and transporting the item. Besides, the company takes the responsibility to help its customers address the parcel control panel tight in China, offers a free consultation at any time, and a free customs service too. Tariffs of the AliGeorgia company vary and differ on the customers' choice, whether they use Individual tariff, legal entity tariff, or private packages.

AliGeorgia has created and designed quite an easy-to-use website, where customers can easily find out the relevant categories and sections on the screen. For instance, on the homepage of AliGeorgia, customers can find the calculator box, where they can check and count the probable weight of their packages. That counter tool is called a Volumetric weight calculator. To find out the value, customers will have to fill in the fields, such as length, width, and height of the product they ordered via the company. The volumetric weight calculator will automatically calculate the probable weight.

What is China2me?

China2me is "Chinatumi" Ltd postal company, which carries out cargo transportation either by land and air. The company's ground transportation duration is from 1 to 1.5 months, while the air transportation duration takes around 10 - 12 days. China2me is responsible and obliged to transport the parcel arrived at its Chinese warehouse to Tbilisi within a reasonable time. The duration of transportation is 20 - 27 days right after sending it from the warehouse in China. However, if the parcel is not delivered within 30 calendar days of the customers' package's arrival, then the product will be delivered to the state for further disposal.

During force majeure situations (such as natural disasters, catastrophes, hostilities, etc.), the China2me company is liable for delay in transportation or loss of the parcel. Furthermore, the China2me business company assumes responsibility for the package which contains the following products for their ride, such as:

– A narcotic substance

– A plant containing a narcotic substance

– A valid banknote or coin

– Securities

– Explosive and other related flammable substances.

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